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At CAVE-ARCHITECT, we believe that good design has the power to shape the future. Our team of creative architects and interior designers are at the forefront of this change, using the latest AI tools to deliver truly visionary design solutions. With a focus on both functionality and aesthetic, our design consulting and 3D visualization services help bring your ideas to life. Whether you're looking to build a new home, revamp your commercial space, or simply need inspiration, CAVE-ARCHITECT is here to help you turn your dreams into reality. Join us on this journey towards a brighter, more beautiful future.


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Architecture is a form of art that combines design, engineering and aesthetics to create functional and beautiful structures.

Architecture has the power to shape and influence the way we live, think and interact with the world around us.

Interior Design

Interior design is the art and science of creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional interior environment. It involves the use of space planning, furniture selection, finishes, accessories, and other elements to create a comfortable and visually pleasing atmosphere.

3D Visualization

creating images, animations, and interactive interfaces using 3D computer graphics. It can be used to explore, analyze, and communicate data in a variety of ways, from scientific and engineering applications to artistic and entertainment purposes.


Photography is the art of capturing moments, emotions, and stories through images. It allows us to freeze time and immortalize memories. Whether it’s capturing landscapes, portraits or candid moments, photography has the power to evoke strong emotions and imagination.


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 It's a complex undertaking that involves the design, engineering, and construction of a functional and aesthetically pleasing structure. It is the process of creating a physical space that meets the needs of the people or organizations who will use it, from conception to completion. This involves careful consideration of the project scope, budget, timeline, and other factors, and coordination of all the stakeholders involved in the project. The goal of a building project is to produce a structure that is not only safe and secure, but also aesthetically pleasing and able to meet the needs of its users.


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Majd El-Khatib

Meet Majd el-Khatib, the visionary founder of Cave architects. Majd's passion for architecture began in his student days and has been the driving force behind his journey. As a dreamer architect/designer, he approaches every project with a fresh perspective, using innovative architecture and design thinking processes to solve his clients' challenges.


Majd has a keen focus on delivering exceptional results and building strong relationships, and he is always ready to adapt quickly to any curveballs that come his way. His diverse experiences in drafting, 3D artistry, architecture, and interior design have shaped him both personally and professionally, making him a highly sought-after consultant in the industry.


Majd's multidisciplinary approach and unwavering dedication to the field have earned him a place with Mangera yvars Architects, where he continues to hone his skills and expand his knowledge. He is always eager to discuss architecture, interior design, art, 3D visualization, software, or technology and is open to learning from new perspectives.


In short, Majd is a driven and innovative architect whose passion for his work is contagious. His commitment to delivering effective and imaginative design solutions is unmatched, and his dedication to the field is evident in every project he undertakes. Get in touch with Majd and join him on his journey to explore the limitless possibilities of architecture and design.



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